eBECAS is an internet hosted administration software suite designed for colleges and language schools. Since 1986, eBECAS has enabled over 170 Colleges from all over the world to manage their Language, Vocational and University Foundation Programs. With 28 years of experience, eBECAS has earned it’s place as one of the most successful college management systems in the industry. Below are some of the key modules of eBECAS, please click on any of these to view additional details.

Please refer to our Online Manual for detailed information regarding installation, the key features/modules of eBECAS and additional capabilities of eBECAS.

Please refer to our Release Notes for a full eBECAS change log.

If you would like further information about eBECAS, please download our FREE brochure here.

eBECAS is a product by Equator IT – providing software solutions since 1986.

* Avetmiss reporting for non government funded courses

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