eBECAS is built with the capability to send emails from directly within eBECAS.


  • Email certificates & PDF files from eBECAS Offers
  • Email certificates & PDF files from eBECAS Enrolments
  • Bulk merge PDF letters and send multiple emails
  • Update the student diary after sending emails


  • eBECAS users do not need to bulk export into an external email service to send certificates and PDF files regarding offers & enrolments.

In eBECAS we provide the facility to send emails directly within eBECAS. The purpose of the following section of the manual is to provide you with assistance regarding the integrated email feature of eBECAS..

Sending eMails

The field to enter in a contacts email address, whether it is a Student, homestay provider, employer or agent, is located in the contact details section which is generally in the address tab.


Below is a screenshot that illustrates how to send an email from the Offers Window Account. An email can be sent to the students local / other email address, the agency and the individual agent for that student.



Emails can also be sent from the Student account. Documents can be attached to emails sent from within eBECAS. Notice the document attached in the screenshot below.


eMails and Templates

In addition, the integrated email function includes the option to word merge to an existing template. To choose this option, the Word Merge checkbox must be checked. Then simply select the template to word merge and press OK.


eMails and the Document Repository

All documents that are sent in emails from eBECAS are stored in the document repository (or the contacts tab in the student account).


Viewing and downloading eMail attachments

Once you have opened an entry, if you wish to see / download the attachment, please click View or Save as.